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Due to growing interest from health and security sectors SMARTTECH decided to upgrade scan3D line up, improving it’s 3D scanning speed and the quality of received color of scanned surface. From now researchers and doctors can use dedicated measurement equipment designed to digitize complex shapes of human body.

This technology can be also used in security and police departments in order to create 3D pictures of suspects, criminals or victims.

This innovative technology used on everyday basis in industry is still very new for the medicine. Non-industrial specialists require user friendly device giving reliable andaccurate results. There’s no time for long preparation of 3D scanner before taking measurement of the patient. SMARTTECH technology allows both fast measurement and plug & scan process meaning that scanner is ready to work after taking it out from the case. This is possible due to manufacturer permanent calibration that assures metrologically referential results.

Ability to digitize human with high level of details is also significant help for the CG artists in creating video games and animation. Instead of long hours of virtual modeling in graphics programs, they can just concentrate on animation of scanned model with lifelike texture. Creating digital model of human using scan3Dmed is limited to few minutes.

New scan3Dmed product line is equipped with specialized image capture system that shortening 3D scanning time to 0,7 second what is extremely important while scanning a living organism. Dedicated optics with adjusted white balance and contrast allows to receive the appropriate color of measured surfaces therefore the analysis of skin defects is easier than ever before.

Sensitive interior was fixed to temperature resistant carbon supportive structure and closed in esthetic white solid housing.

With every 3D scanner from medical product line, SMARTTECH provides specialized multi-functional software with very intuitive interface – SMARTTECH3measure.

Scan3Dmed scanning head can be integrated with another 3D scanning units from this Product Line enabling automated measurement of person from different directions. When using multihead system the 3D scansof object are aligned instantly.