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Optical M

Optical Video Measuring System - Medium

Brand: Big Zero Technology
Tags: VMS
Optical Video Measuring System - Medium


Model Name

Optical M

Measuring Range (X)

300 mm

Measuring Range (Y)

200 mm

Measuring Range (Z)

200 mm

Scale Resolution

0.5 µm / ( 0.1 µm Optional)

Video System

1/3" CMOS Camera with 1280 x 1024 Pixels

Optical System

0.7 x to 4.5 x Magnification ( Manual / Motorized zoom system )

Optical Accessories

0.5x,1.5x,2.0 Optical Lens Attachements

Lighting System

3 Rings, 4 Quadrant, 84 LED, Software Programmable White coloured Ring Light System

Single LED, Software Programmable Green Colour collimated backlight system

Single LED, Software Programmable Co axial Light as an Option

Accuracy Exy (E2)

3 + L/175 µm, Where "L" is Measuring Length in mm

Max Work Piece Weight

20 Kgs

OMS Inspect 2D Software

Single screen 2D/3D Measurment Software for Manual & CNC Measurment System

Auto Edge Detection with edge filters

Inbuilt SPC for measured features

Programmable lighting system avaliable on Manual and CNC machine

Customized screen 

Measurment of all geometrical tolerances

2 D Curve measurment with DXF comparision

Input/Output of DXF files

Auto Program run in Manual machine with SPC 

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