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3D measurement technologies are today widely accepted throughout Automotive industry . From Sheet metal , framing stations , Robotics cells for inline inspections , Die & molds , Reverse engineering. Click here to see Big Zero ‘s innovative solutions for each of your Tasks


Almost every automotive manufacturer in the world is using our systems for various applications. Our systems for BIW tooling facilitate tool certification, tool building, tool repeatability, fast repair during line stops and inspections of sheet-metal tooling. Other applications include car quality analysis and assembly troubleshooting.
Truck and bus manufacturers benefit from Metronor’s portable CMM systems that are ideally suited for large-volume operations such as inspection of the tooling, chassis, cabins and frames.

automotive_2BIW TOOLING
You can launch your product months ahead of schedule and with the highest quality by having a successful tool certification process. This process should include verifying tool to CAD, verifying repeatability of part-in-tool and finally, verifying part-in-tool to CAD. But the question is whether you have found the right tool for such a task – A measurement system that covers the large volume required, with the ability to measure deep hidden points, should be rugged, portable and suitable for on-site operation. Precisely what Metronor’s CMM systems offer.

The Metronor DUO is the best solution for tool certification. With a measurement range up to 15m, accuracy within 0.1mm even in frame station range, excellent ruggedness and portability, you’ll be able to secure tool and part geometry and minimize any process influences. Unlike laser trackers and articulated arms, Metronor Metronor DUO stands out for its deep probing and almost unlimited measurement range.

Portability, ease-of-use, efficiency, and with the adequate measurement range and accuracy; Metronor’s portable CMM is exactly the tool to immediately find and secure the geometry problems of jigs, fixtures and sheet-metal in tool on site. Many complex problems are readily solved by feature-based probing.



The quality of the chassis is especially important for producing good trucks and busses. The geometry of each chassis should be measured and recorded during the production. Challenges arise when the part is say 12m in length and you have to finish all the measurements within a few minutes due to the pressure of the production cycle. A Metronor SOLO is the ideal solution for measurements of chassis, frames and cabins. Its measurement range is up to 25m, whilst easy to use and of quick operation.


3D scanning verifies the high precision of 3D printed elements

Thanks to the cooperation between OMNI3D and SMARTTECH it was possible to conduct quality control of 3D printed elements that was used as final parts in the Hussarya 33 supercar from Arrinera Technology S.A.

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Automotive Industry uses SMARTTECH 3D scanner to build a supercar

The project of the first Polish supercar, Arrinera Hussarya, from the very beginning has been arousing strong emotions and hopes that the Polish automotive industry will come back to its past glory. The production of functioning prototypes that at the same time has to achieve the level of a sports car requires incredible precision and durability. This is when 3D scanner can be helpful.

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Optical Metrology speeds up the engine guard design

Enduro-tech motorcycle accessories use SMARTTECH 3D scanner to capture the complex engine geometry in order to design dedicated shield. Read more…

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3D scanning in order to check the VIN code laser engraving

SMARTTECH 3D scanners are the perfect method to check very shallow laser marks before  applying the specialized wax.


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Combustion Chamber deformation analysis

High accuracy of  SMARTTECH 3D scanners provides high standard results of the dimensioning of combustion chamber at Mahle Factory.

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The making of a firetruck

Bocar Fire Truck use 3D scanning technologies in order to adjust the truck cabin for the firetruck requirement. Read more…

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3D scanning a Car for tuning purposes

See how 3D scanning helps to obtain the information about the freefrom geometry in automotive industry to redesign a car body. Read more…



In 2007, Skoda (Volkswagen Group) automotive construtor built two new plants in India and Russia.

Skoda was looking for flexible, automated and efficient solutions for use in measurement applications. The Kreon scanners were chosen to control stamping parts. The scanners are either mounted on 7-axis measuring arms to be handled by operators or they follow programmed measurements in Metrolog software.

This process enabled Skoda to set up a simple and scalable scanning solution due to measurement through laser scanning. Programs are written by system administrators and executed by operators on the production line.

Skoda Yeti
Harley-Davidson motorcycle

Harley Davidson

Kreon laser scanners have been chosen by Harley Davidson to control the quality of metal frames, tubes, castings, formed parts, tooling, dies, etc. related to the manufacturing of their famous motorcycles.

Some parts are scanned and compared to existing CAD models, while some others are digitized to create CAD models from the scanned point clouds.


PSA (Peugeot-Citroën) selected the Kreon scanners to equip six production sites in France.

For reverse engineering applications, Kreon Zephyr scanners guarantee easy digitization of physical parts and modification of prototypes. Moreover, their use during the demanding inspection process makes it possible to monitor deviations between the produced engine parts and their nominal CAD data.

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