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Big Zero is committed to help Universities deploy all latest measurement technologies so that our future generations come out totally ready for next industrial revolutions . That’s why we feel obliged to support educational institutions . We know difficultly in purchasing new equipment . We are able to face the needs of every educational unit , adapting our product to their requirements.



The origins of our company were set up at the Warsaw University of Technology. That’s why we feel obliged to support educational institutions. We know the difficult process of purchasing new equipment. We are able to face the needs of every educational unit, adapting our product to their requirements.

We provide individual service for each customer. Progress and upgrade for our every existing device and scanner. As a producer of those unique systems, devices and scanners we provide support and service in our customers headquarters.

SMARTTECH SDK – helping individual research projectslogo_measure_SDK

Staying opened for cooperation with Universities and Research Centers. SMARTTECH supports individual science projects where SMARTTECH 3D scanning technologies is being used by supplying with dedicated features SDK package. Scientists can use it in their own software designed for specified application. On every step – from installation to everyday usage – they can rely on essential and technical support.


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Discovering the origins of Earth

Scientists on the faculty of Geology measure the angles in quartz crystals with SMARTTECH 3D scanner. Read more…

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Accurate Monitoring of ground erosion

Institute of Agrophysics check the impact of water on the ground with he highest resolution SMARTTECH 3D scanner.

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3D scan Lab at Warsaw University

The faculty of archeology is teaching the newest way of archeological research using the most innovate 3D scanning technologies.

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SMARTTECH Empowers young engineers dream

Affordable and raliable SMARTTECH solutions help young engineers in United States to set up their 3D scanning business. Read more…

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Thanks to that we were trusted by many of Polish teaching centers like ;


The SMARTTECH technologies are up for the challenge, even in the most demanding engineering applications.

The ability to receive both perfect shape and ideal color of SMARTTECH technologies makes them perfect for research on digitalized objects

Our 3D measurement solutions are perfect for all kinds of hands-on and practical science SMARTTECHkulal_lumpur_seminarium10projects.

Our devices can be used for anything from 3D data archiving to advanced analysis and reporting.

Our devices can be used at various steps of the development process.

Generate profit for your institution by carrying projects for companies from the private or public sectors.


University of Warsaw – Department of Archeology

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New 3D scanning LAB at University of Warsaw under SMARTTECH3D EDU program – 02.10.2015

Friday 2’nd October 2015 in main building of University of Warsaw, where Institute of Archeology is located, under the SMARTTECH 3D EDU program new 3D scanning lab was officially opened. SMARTTECH supplied archeological lab with 10 new computers with installed software, that allows to provide 3D scanning and advanced data post processing. Thanks to bigger number of workstations for virtual researches, every student will have the possibility to work on his own with the 3D scanning results. Within SMARTTECH 3D EDU program we were able to upgrade on special conditions, their 3D measurement systems  that were bought almost six years ago.

Thanks to our cooperation within SMARTTECH3D EDU program, this workshop became a place to educate young archeologists in 3 Dimensional documentation, SMARTTECH, on the other hand  gained another place where all interested in 3D scanning technologies people, will be able to become familiar with it.

Opening the Lab is also the way of presenting SMARTTECH’s care, about new students by allowing them to learn innovate methods of preservation and researches.

During opening SMARTTECH’s Managing Director Mrs. Anna Gebarska and Universitie’s Department of History, represented by Dean Prof. dr, Elżbieta Zybert, signed the agreement of cooperation, which is the result of 5 year partnership in 3D scanning field.

Since 2010, when Institute of Archeology bought their first 3D scanners, SMARTTECH specialists supports archeologists from University of Warsaw in 3D scanning processes.How prof. dr. hab Wojciech Nowakowski underlines – 3D scanners becomes more and more common tool for young researchers, that gives to possibilities, which were unreachable thinking of traditional methods. Prof. Elżbieta Zybert adds: Signing this agreement  is a perfect example how to sum up long term collaboration and get equal profits of such partnership.

More about 3D scanning Lab



Regional Innovate Technologies Transfer Center Łańcut/ Southern Poland 

Opening the Regional Innovate Technologies Transfer Center mechatronics workshop – 20.10.2014

SMARTTECH supplied the Regional Innovate Technologies Transfer Center mechatronics workshop (Southern Poland) in Łańcut with the latest metrology technologies worth 300 000 Euros in Łańcut.

Regional center of innovate technologies transfer is one of the biggest and the most prestigious educational units in Poland. Dedicated to show high school students as well as adults, the theory and practice of modern ways in Industrial design, quality control and production. Value of whole investment is estimated at more than 3 milion Euros.

In Łańcut we always put lots of interests in educating young people, however just now we were able to create such place, where our pupils can prepare themselves for different industrial sectors – says Mr. Józef Skomra – director of District Centre of Practical Education and Vocational Education named after Felicjan Dzierżanowski

In the Center it was opened over 10 workshops, with the top class hardware and software. SMARTTECH supplied the workshop of mechatronics, which, similarly to all others, is of great interest of all users and students.

The workshop offers: SMARTTECH 3D scanner Dual Volume, 3D printer, large format scanners, plotters, engraving machines, microscope for analysis of integrated circuits, as well as computer stations and specialized software.

SMARTTECH won this tender beating its competition by the quality of offered products and their price. Total value of the tender was 300 000 Euros. (1,2 mln Polish zlotys)

Except supplying all hardware & software, SMARTTECH provided professional training. Citating Mr. Dariusz Musz – keeper of Mechatronics workshop – From my point of view it helped us to become familiar with all new technologies, and allowed us to use it immidietly. One of the most interesting sets in our workshop is 3D scanner and 3D printer thanks to which we are able to provide all important activities of rapid prototyping and reverse engineering.


Ghent’s University – Department of Archeology, Ghent/ Belgium

 New optical technologies on Ghent’s University – Department of Archeology – 27.04.2015r


We would like to proudly announce beginning of partnership with Archeology Department of University in Ghent, Belgium, where our 3D scanner is  used for archeology researches and documentation. The capability of our device will help the scientists to explore unknown fields of archaeometry methods.

Certified accuracy of 3D scanner will prove the researches results of scientists from Ghent University. One of their plans is to scan relics and repeat it after next 20 years to see how they were changed in lifetime. Based on this results they will be able to calculate how the objects were changed in their lifetime and simulate how they could look like as they were made.

Under mutual cooperation program between SMARTTECH and Educational Units Department of Archeology in Ghent became also the referential point where all interested people can make an appointment and get to know 3D scanning technology on the University. SMARTTECH Educational program for scientists helps to exchange the research results, participate in conferences, events and excavations.

To request a demonstration in Ghent please contact us:


Cracow University of Technology – Metrology Lab – Cracow/Poland

 New optical technologies on Cracow University of Technology  – 07.04.2014r.

7’th of April we had officially opened 3D scanning workshop in Laboratory of Metrology on Cracow Unversity of Technology. The Workshop was equipped with the newest SMARTTECH 3D scanner scan3D DUAL VOLUME. Thanks to agreement of mutual cooperation between the company and Mechanical Department of University. It is an exhibition of mutual care about students education on the most advanced Polish technology. As it was highlighted by prof. George A. Sladek and SMARTTECH Managing Director Mrs. Anna Gebarska – such strong partnership between manufacturer and Laboratory will bring benefits both of them, for University concerning quality of teaching and for SMARTECH thinking about development. Such collaboration means for both units better adaptation to the market and increases future opportunities for developing research projects and implementation.


Technical Univerity of Malaysia – Malaysian Japanese Institute of Technology

SEMINARS – Introduction to 3D scanning technology 9.11.2015 – 13.11.2015

Almost 100 delegates arrived to 3D scanning seminars and MICRON3D green presentation.

Among participants we hosted lecturers and researchers from many different Universities from Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore as well automotive companies, delegates from technology institutes, CNC Machine operators, and many many more.

3D scanning technology allows to gather the accurate documentation about scanned object easily and rapid as well as provide the complex quality inspection.

South-Eastern Asian markets require new technologies to become more competitive on the worldwide market. The potential lays not only in already existing companies but also in their ideas that grows on Universities. Students are taking parts in many international projects where 3D scanner may play significant role.

Seminars were held in Malaysian-Japanese Institute of technology a place that breeds the most talented graduates and sits on a very privileged place in Asian Education System.

We would like to thank all the participants for taking part in seminars.

More about Malaysian Japanese Institute of Technology



Technical High Schools  in Ciechanów / central Poland

3D scanning introduction SEMINARS to Technical Highschool pupils in Ciechanów.

With the audience of young pupils which are about to take their life choices about their future careers we had a great possibility to show them the opportunities to take their jobs in science and technology industry where most companies invest in young open minded people. 3D Scanners could have a big role to play in their futures


National Stadium Warsaw/ Central Poland


The largest research and scientific party took place on the most representative in Poland – Newly built National Stadium in Warsaw. Over 40 000 thousand visitors could see the latest innovation made in Poland.
Surrounded by moonwalkers, 3D printers, drones, robots, submarines SMARTTECH could present 3D scanning solutions to astonished audience who was able to scan their faces.
You can imagine our hands full of job