About Jewellery

Day by Day the designs in Jewellery Industry is becoming advanced with minute detailing, the way from Jewellery made in the past now is completely changed. To record the designs produced and reproduced with change becoming the trend now. Big Zero Technology has Specific products to cater these segment.



Jewelry production has entered the new era.computeraideddesign

All details made by using punching, galvanizing, repoussaging, spinning, and all other methods alike the most various masterpiece parts no matter if its gold, silver, stones, gems, diamonds and ambers closed in distinguish beautiful shapes, can be digitalized by our devices.

The biggest resolution available – 4200 points on square millimeter – allows to reflect the smallest detail with it’s natural color and shining.

Perfect virtual model of masterpiece can be used not only to redesign, but also as a exhibition in any dreamed way on web.

The new method of optical scanning minimalize the need of titanium oxide interference. You don’t have to be worry about the damaging even the most delicate parts.