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The OIL & GAS Industry is having varieties of parts starting from small Valves to big Pipes and having varieties of designs depends on the site conditions. Manufacturing parts inside the factory and assembling it to job sites sometimes makes a lengthy job for producers and customers. To assure complete process Big Zero Technology is providing appropriate best solutions available in the market.


Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

As oil prices are dropping and the oil producing companies are striving to cut their cost base, standardization, modularity and subcontracting of engineering and component/part manufacturing have become buzzwords that carry with them all the challenges that this new philosophy represents – specifically, on-time delivery of quality parts that “fit first time”.

At Metronor we believe we can contribute significantly to these cost reduction programs. We provide dimensional management solutions that secure geometrical verification of components and assemblies as an integral part of the manufacturing process.


Elimination of rework, securing fit first time during final assembly, correcting errors before they become a problem, buy-off of parts prior to shipment from suppliers’ facilities: we can provide you with the toolbox to ensure significant cost saving, assisting in starting up oil production on time and reduce expenses caused by quality issues.



This is the process we recommend to our clients, made easy by the correct utilization of our portable CMMs:

1. Have the engineering team define the key characteristics of the parts and create a fully digital inspection plan while designing the part.

2. Transfer the inspection plan to the measurement system residing at the supplier’s location and have the operators perform the inspection plan, being guided by the measurement software. Any errors and out-of-tolerance data are immediately detected and the measurement report is transferred seamlessly back to the engineering team. The engineering team will then decide on actions related to the severity of the dimensional problem.

3. Improvements/corrections are made to the part and new measurement datasets are sent back to the customer, verifying that the part now meets the acceptance criteria.

4. The buy-off process is completed and the part can be released and shipped to the customer. The customer and supplier are both in sync and the part is guaranteed to fit when arriving for final assembly.


Metronor system has proven its value for its ability to measure all kinds of geometrical elements, both large and small parts, hidden and difficult to reach features, placing Metronor technology in the forefront of industrial dimensional measurement systems. Our system can be used for:

oil&gasPIPES and FLANGES – With our unique software for pipe geometry generation, the user can create pipe geometries in digital form that can be transferred directly to the bending machine. You can perform the verification of pipe geometries as an integral part of the bending process and secure correct alignment of flanges, both position and hole pattern orientation. And then provide correction data to the bending machine. This represents an immense cost saving since the fabrication of new pipe sections to replace old existing pipes can be carried out in minutes after the geometry has been “reverse engineered” on site.

oil&gas_2CHRISTMAS TREES, SPOOLS and WELDMENTS – The list of complex geometries that need to be inspected and qualified is long. Metronor’s excellent accuracy performance, combined with deep probing capabilities, allow us to address the most challenging measurement jobs – Those that until now have only been possible to perform by traditional fixed CMM technology. With our system, complex geometries like tapered areas inside of connectors, spools, pumps and valves etc. can be documented on the shop floor.