Pin Nest – 6mm, 8mm


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The 1.5TH Series magnetic adapters provide an SMR nest which mounts in holes having a diameter of 1/8″ – 5/8″ or 4 mm to 15 mm.  Shank diameters are held to close tolerances (-0.0001″ to -0.0005″) for precision slip fits. The adapter holds the centerpoint of a 1.5″ diameter SMR 1.000″ (or 25 mm) above the surface of the part and on centerline of the shank to a tolerance of ±0.0005″ (0.013 mm). The SMR seats on a 3-point conical land and is held in place by a magnet. An optical alley allows the SMR to be rotated down for a lower shooting angle. Construct the desired part number using the information below, or make up your own – we don’t have room to show all possible sizes!

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6MM, 8MM

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