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Your Gateway to Portable and Non-Contact inspection needs. We deliver affordable, high-tech solutions meeting the challenging inspection needs of the Indian manufacturing market. Experience the future of inspection with us.

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3D Scantech
Polyworks 3D Softwares
Elite Robots
Vision Measuring Machine
Cloud Inspect Lab
AESUB Scanning Sprays
RX Solutions
Kreon Arms
Eleven Dynamics Nexos Gear

Who we are

Big Zero Technology Team

Big Zero Technology is a solution provider company started on 5th July 2018, with the sole aim to cater latest, challenging metrology needs of the market, with a Major focus on delivering the latest solutions that are affordable and high-tech at the same time.

With over half a decade since its inception, Big zero is proudly serving customers across India with offices presence all over India. We are working hard to make the industry ready to adapt to fast-changing demands and needs when it comes to matching the pace of metrology deployment in manufacturing sectors. Today Big Zero is synonymous with contact/ non-contact, portable 3D solutions like manual, customizable and robotized solutions as per customer needs.

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