TrackProbe 3D Probing System

The TrackProbe 3D probing system, consisting of a tracking i-Probe and the latest optical tracker i-Tracker, is designed for metrology-level measurements. As a versatile 3D digitizer, TrackProbe excels in tasks such as fixture adjustment, benchmark marking, and geometric and dimensional inspection of engineering machinery on the shop floor. It is highly precise, portable, and easy-to-use, which ensures high-quality measurements for parts in large measurement volumes, at long distances, and in harsh conditions.

Extensive Measurement

When combined with i-Tracker, which has a large field-of-view, i-Probe can measure parts in a distance of up to 6 meters. The tracking distance can be extended and reach 10 meters. Its wide-area measurement enables it to measure large-sized parts with high accuracy and excellent performance.

Excellent for Deep Hidden Points

Thanks to its 500-mm length (excluding the stylus), and sophisticated algorithm, the i-Probe 3D digitizer can measure reference holes, hidden points, or hard-to-reach areas with ease and high accuracy, even when some targets are blocked. This makes it flexible and adaptive to various structures, ideal for measuring automotive parts, complex aviation components, pipelines, holes, and irregular parts.

Non-stop Measurement and Easy Movement

The probe locations can be approached from any angle as long as the i-Probe 3D digitizer is within the optical tracker cameras’ field of view. i-Probe’s poses can be tracked and mapped to the coordinate systems in real time by the tracker so that it can measure continuously without the need to reposition. Based on advanced software and positioning algorithms, only a few markers are needed for i-Tracker to move and continue tracking the i-Probe. It greatly simplifies the movement and measurement processes and it is powerful to obtain data of large parts in a long distance.

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Diverse Uses

The i-Probe is lightweight, portable, and reliable. It can be operated in various settings regardless of vibrations, temperature changes, humidity, and lighting. With dynamic referencing, it can calculate and correct position deviations to achieve high-precision measurements on shop floors or outdoors. It can deal with complex surfaces, high-precision parts, or large-scale parts without any problem.

Massive Functions

Two Modes of Data Transfer

TrackProbe offers both wired and wireless data transfer options. The wireless mode allows users to measure on-site without any mechanical or cable constraints, while the wired mode ensures extra safety and reliability for data transfer in special situations.

Seamless Switch Between Scanning and Probing

Our self-developed 3D software TViewer can automatically unify the coordinate systems of scan data and probing data so that users can switch between scanning and probing with ease, which offers smoother measurement experiences.

Technical Specifications

Type TrackProbe 49
Volumetric accuracy(1) 10.4 m³ (Tracking distance 3.5 m) 0.049 mm (0.0019 in)
28.6 m³ (Tracking distance 5.0 m) 0.067 mm (0.0026 in)
49.0 m³ (Tracking distance 6.0 m) 0.089 mm (0.0035 in)
Measurement distance (per tracker) Max 10 m (393.7 in)
Part size range


0.1 m-12 m (3.9 in × 472.4 in)
Camera pixel of i-Tracker 25 MP
Dimensions of i-Probe 500 510*145*89 mm (20.1 × 5.7 × 3.5 in)
Weight of i-Probe 500 700 g (1.54 lb)
Operating temperature range 0–45°C (32℉-113℉)
Operating humidity range


10–90% RH
Connection Wired and wireless
Number of targets 16
Patents ZL201520680513.1,





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