Polyworks Inspector

The 3D dimensional analysis and quality control solution to gain control of your product engineering and manufacturing process. PolyWorks|Inspector™ is a universal 3D dimensional analysis and quality control software solution to control tool or part dimensions, diagnose and prevent manufacturing and assembly issues, guide assembly building through real-time measurements, and oversee the quality of assembled products by using portable metrology devices and CNC CMMs.

Universal Software Platform

With just one software to master, dramatically reduce your operational costs by increasing measurement specialist competency, eliminating metrology silos, boosting employee mobility, and improving overall teamwork efficiency.

Interface with all 3D measurement devices thanks to a universal digitizing hub

  • Operate all portable probing devices through direct hardware plug-ins
  • Interface with all point cloud scanning devices through direct hardware plug-ins or measurement file import
  • Connect to major brands of CNC CMMs through direct drivers or I++
  • Integrate measurements performed with digital gauges as well as visual checks

Bring all relevant data under one roof through a universal data hub

  • Create inspection projects automatically from 3rd-party software measurement results and share them digitally enterprisewide with PolyWorks|DataLoop™
  • Import all GD&T control types from native CAD and QIF MBD files to ensure digital interoperability with the product definition processes
  • Measure a dimensional control of a scanned or probed object with a more accurate device and inject the measured value in the object for reporting purposes

Perform all inspection tasks with or without CAD data using a universal 3D metrology workflow

Follow the same planning process for both portable and CNC CMM metrology

Leverage the 3D Control Reviewer and dynamic updateable inspection reports to implement a measurement-control-centric reporting workflow

Use the Play Inspection technology to execute autogenerated or user-defined measurement sequences

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