High Resolution Industrial CT System for Small/Medium Size Parts

EasyTom S is a highly configurable CT system. A compact CT system featuring the most desired functionnalities including high resolution, medium-size sample scan & maximizing uptime.


Extreme performances in a compact and versatile CT system.

The EasyTom L, the most versatile of our systems, combines micro and nanotomography up to 300 kV in the same inspection system, making it suitable for a wide range of 3D imaging applications in industry and academia.


High Resolution Micro & Nano CT System for Large Size Parts – Very Large step-in cabinet

EasyTom XL is the largest system available and comes in a range of configurations: Micro focus, Nano focus and dual tube. This system can house several x-ray generators thus thicker and denser samples can be inspected.


Modular Design for a Highly Versatile X-Ray Micro & Nano CT System

UltraTom has this unique capability to welcome up to three generators at the same time, covering from high power to nano-scale applications.

With strong material adaptability, it is capable of 3D scanning industrial parts, automotive exteriors and interiors with black and reflective surfaces.