A better definition of 3D measurement.
The Kreon Onyx measuring arm is the epitome of high performance. It guarantees 3D measuring of parts and tools with an unprecedented level of accuracy.

The best of scanning with Skyline scanners

Perfectly integrated into the Onyx measuring arm, Skyline three-dimensional scanners provide high speed, resolution and precision for scanning all kinds of parts in record time. Industrial parts, regardless of their size, can be scanned easily and in minute detail.

The ultimate measuring accuracy

With extremely high resolution encoders, the Onyx is the most accurate measuring arm in the Kreon range. It offers the best 3D measuring of technical parts to the finest tolerances, guaranteeing high production quality.

An ultra portable system

The Onyx measuring arm can easily be installed as close as possible to the application. In a workshop, measuring lab or even outdoors, the arm can be used in the most extreme environments while maintaining measurement quality. The remarkable mobility of the Onyx arm makes it a portable CMM in its own right.


Software for Kreon measuring arms

Zenith focuses on the essential functions used in most applications for acquisition and 3D measurement of industrial parts. Simple to learn but able to manage dense point clouds and create color mapping, this is Zenith.

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Improved ergonomics for greater productivity

Light weight

With light handling and flexible counterbalancing, the measuring arm helps the user work effortlessly. It makes measuring 3D parts for hours a breeze.

EasyClip removable handle

The handle on the Onyx 7-axis arm can be removed to allow measurement in cavities and areas that would otherwise be inaccessible.

Freedom of movement

Infinite rotation axes offer immense freedom of movement.

Onyx 6 axis

Arm model E Uni P Size P Form L Dia SPAT
Onyx-6-20 0.024 mm 0.007 mm 0.015 mm 0.030 mm 0.017 mm
Onyx-6-25 0.026 mm 0.008 mm 0.016 mm 0.032 mm 0.019 mm
Onyx-6-30 0.038 mm 0.012 mm 0.022 mm 0.046 mm 0.028 mm
Onyx-6-35 0.051 mm 0.015 mm 0.030 mm 0.062 mm 0.035 mm
Onyx-6-40 0.062 mm 0.020 mm 0.036 mm 0.078 mm 0.042 mm
Onyx-6-45 0.072 mm 0.024 mm 0.041 mm 0.090 mm 0.057 mm
Onyx-6-50 0.110 mm 0.038 mm 0.058 mm 0.110 mm 0.080 mm

Onyx 7 axis

Arm model E Uni P Size P Form L Dia SPAT
Onyx-7-20 0.025 mm 0.010 mm 0.018 mm 0.040 mm 0.020 mm
Onyx-7-25 0.028 mm 0.011 mm 0.021 mm 0.044 mm 0.023 mm
Onyx-7-30 0.050 mm 0.016 mm 0.028 mm 0.072 mm 0.035 mm
Onyx-7-35 0.061 mm 0.020 mm 0.035 mm 0.087 mm 0.043 mm
Onyx-7-40 0.074 mm 0.025 mm 0.040 mm 0.102 mm 0.052 mm
Onyx-7-45 0.100 mm 0.038 mm 0.049 mm 0.110 mm 0.065 mm
Onyx-7-50 0.120 mm 0.052 mm 0.062 mm 0.125 mm 0.089 mm

Maximum reachable distance

Arm model Measuring volume (diameter) Maximum reachable distance (diameter)
Onyx-20 2 m 2.42 m
Onyx-25 2.5 m 2.92 m
Onyx-30 3 m 3.42 m
Onyx-35 3.5 m 3.92 m
Onyx-40 4 m 4.42 m
Onyx-45 4.5 m 4.92 m
Onyx-50 5 m 5.42 m

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