Big A

  • XYZ three-axis CNC system ensures precise positioning.
  • Granite base and pillar provide stability.
  • Precision linear guides, grinding-grade ball screws, and AC servo motors ensure motion system accuracy and stability.
  • 5μm high-precision grating ruler ensures precise positioning and measurement accuracy.
  • High-resolution digital camera for clear observation and precise measurement.
  • 5X high-definition optical lens with accurate zoom and pixel correction.
  • Program-controlled LED illumination system with adjustable brightness levels.
  • Bigzero Suite automatic Vision measurement software, powerful and user-friendly.

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Technical specifications

  High Precision Automatic Vision Measuring Machine
Model BIG-A
Base Granite
Product Type Optional Coaxial Zoom-lens Sensor and and Touch Probe
X/Y/Z 3 Axis Linear Scale (mm) Sealed Linear Scale Resolution:0.5um
Guidance Mode High-precision Linear Guide, Double-track Double Slider Guide
Operation Mode Joystick Controller, Mouse Operation, Automatic Detection Program
Accuracy* ≤2.5+L/200(um)
Repeatability 2um
Illumination System Contour LED Parallel Contour Illumination
Surface 0~255 Stepless Adjustable 4-ring 8-division LED Surface Illumination
Video System** 1/2.9″ High Resolution Digital Camera
6.5X Manual Zoom Lens, Optical Magnification:0.7X-4.5X,Video Magnification:28X~180X
Measuring Software Bigzero Suite
Operation System Support WIN 10/11-64 Operating System
Working Environment Temperature 20℃±2℃, temperature change <1℃/Hr; Humidity 30%~80%RH; Vibration <0.02g’s, ≤15Hz.
Power Supply 220V/50Hz/10A

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